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Golden Wedding of Admiral and Lady Luard

Taken: 1908, Ref: M3101

The Golden Wedding of Admiral Sir William and Lady Luard. They and their sons and daughters are here in a group at the family home at Witham Lodge. It’s welcome and unusual to be able to put faces to the names of the Admiral’s sons and daughters. He and Lady Luard had 11 children.

These are the names of the people on the photograph.
An asterix * shows the people who were buried in Witham

Standing at the back, left to right.
Edith Jane Luard*, 1866-1945, unmd.
Herbert Du Cane Luard*, Cmdr RN, 1870-1919, marr 1908….
Mary Alice Luard* (known as Alice), 1861-1947, unmd.
William Du Cane Luard, Major, 1862—1942, marr 1895.
Amy Florence Luard, 1868-1955, marr 1896 to Revd Harold Bond.
Frances Maud Luard, 1869-1953, unmd.
Lilian Emily Luard, 1872-1956, unmd.
Henrietta Louise Luard* (Hetty), 1860-1927.

Sitting at the front, left to right.
Charlotte Annie Luard, 1859-1923, marr 1887 to Captain Richard Hardy* (1870-1919)
Charlotte Du Cane Luard* (mother), 1836-1912, marr 1858 to Admiral Sir William Garnham Luard Admiral Sir William Garnham Luard (father), 1820-1910, marr 1858 to Charlotte Du Cane Gertrude Octavia Luard, 1874-1957, unmd.

Not on the photo:-
Arthur Du Cane Luard, who lived in Burford, Ontario, Canada, marr.1894 to Marnie Lloyd Jones
George Du Cane Luard* 1863-1873, had died as a child

Date taken1908
SourceLouise Sarah Sutcliffe, nee Du Cane. A relative of Lady Luard.
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