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Group at National Girls School

Taken: 1919, Source: Pat Vojak, Ref: M326

Group at National Girls School. Back row left to right, 1 Helen Haggar (later Mrs Kirkwood), 2 Amy Aylott, 3 Phyllis Chalk, 4 Phyllis Ottley, 5 Doris Turner, 6 Ivy Emmens (later Mrs Shelley), 7 Maisie Butcher (later Mrs Bickmore). Next to back row, left to right, 1 Hilda Wallace (later Mrs Fryatt), 2 Hilda Greatrex, 3 Lily Smith (later Mrs Belsham), 4 Nellie Royce, 5 Amelia Wallace (later Mrs Gooch), 6 May Wood, 7 Kate Owers (later Mrs Hawkes), 8 Daisy Seaborne (later Mrs Wood), 9 Louisa L Compton (teacher). Next to front row, left to right, 1 Violet Birch (a bit in front of others, only partly visible, later Mrs Clark), 2 Ena Sherman, 3 Emily Bright (later Mrs Smith), 4 Gladys Gates, 5 Doris Stoneham, 6 Doris Lucking (later Mrs Denny), 7 Evelyn Baldwin (later Mrs Shelley), 8 Connie Phillips (later Mrs Wright), 9 Christina (Chrissie) King (later Mrs Ager), 10 Gladys Clements (later Mrs Cornwell). Front row, left to right, 1 Florence (Sis) Newman (later Mrs Digby), 2 ? Pike, 3 Margery Pike (later Mrs Lewin), 4 Jessie Pike, 5 ? Pike, 6 Annie May Stock (later Mrs Hollick).

Date taken1919
SourcePat Vojak
Posted on Full size 1743 × 1170

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