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Group at National Infants’ school, Guithavon Street

Taken: 1913 approx, Source: Walter Peirce, Ref: M75

Information from Mr Peirce, see oral history tape 92. National Infants’ School, Guithavon Street, group II. Left to right, back row, ??? (teacher), Hilda Fryatt, Mason, Fred Pease, Bert Rice (wrongly identified in ‘Witham Park’ as Sid Rice; Bert’s niece Barbara Rice pointed out the error and said Sid would have been about 15 years older at this time), Albert Poulter, Herbert (Jim) Godfrey, ???, ???, Geoff Brown, Frank Dunlop. Middle row, left to right, Nellie Haggar (daughter of police sergeant Haggar, later worked at Crittall’s on telephone exchange, married John Kirkwood, assistant manager, and went to Scotland), Annie Albone, Iris Shelley, ???, Sprawling, Sprawling?, Alf (Whisky) Newman (later of St Nicholas Road), ???, ???, Fryatt. Front row, ???, Walter Peirce (owner of photo, later of Crittall’s), Doris Lucking, ???, ???, Fryatt, Pease, Baldwin (later Mrs Shelley), Pease.

Date taken1913 approx
SourceWalter Peirce
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