Photos of Witham

Group from Chipping Hill infants’ school, including Fred Cook

Taken: 1911 approx, Source: Fred Cook, Ref: M70

Chipping Hill Infants’ School, c.1911, Group 2. From left to right, back row: Len Butler, Bill Cole, Crawford, Davis, Davis (one of these two was Len Davis), ???, Bill Cope (left Witham), Ernie Thurgood (later of Braintree Road?), Tom Ashcroft (later of St Nicholas Road). Next to back: Bill Howes (became a policeman), John Mead (brother of Phoebe, later of Powershall End). Next to front: ???, ???, Overall, Newman (had sister at school too), Pyke, Phoebe Mead (sister of John, later Mrs Brown of Silver End), Amy Brown (used to live in bungalow about 52 Church Street, died 1980 approx). Front row: Tom Rushen (died aged about 20), Pyke, Claydon, Reg Adams (connected to Adams and Mortimer, builders), Cyril Jennings (killed in Norway in Second World War), Ted Gray, Fred Cook (later of Crittall’s, owner of photo).

Date taken1911 approx
SourceFred Cook
Posted on Full size 2403 × 1683

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