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Group of performers, probably a review, perhaps by the Witham Imps

Photographer: Butcher's Studios, Taken: 1920s, Source: Howell, Keith, Ref: M1017

Group of performers in assorted costumes. Probably a review, perhaps by the Witham Imps (they were Young Conservatives and reviews like this were put on by Marjorie Brown, later Mrs Coleman) about once a year. Include the following, left to right (names given by Vera Howell and Anne Redman). Back row (starting with man extreme left in bow tie): Arthur Bradshaw, Roy Claydon, Reg Adams (tall, bow tie; Adams family of Adams and Mortimer, builders, married Nora Barker), Winifred (Biddie) Hancock (hat), Miss Little, Elsie (later Mrs Horton, had been evacuated from London in First World War with eight or nine brothers; fostered by Vera Howell’s family), Nora Barker (dark glasses, postmaster’s daughter, married Reg Adams), Ena (worked at the Post Office), Irene Mondy (elder of Miss Mondys; other one was Nora), Lily Askins (lorgnettes, parents kept the Albert, big family), Miss Page (of auctioneers’ family), Dorothy? Stoneham?. Middle row (starting with three girls in chiffon, and including the three people standing extreme right): first one not known (probably from Hatfield Peverel), Mona Glover (from Glover’s cycle shop etc), Myrtle Beardwell (later Mrs Wielenska), Cecil Dudley (black hood or scarf, star singer), Douglas Wilson (younger brother of Rowland), next one not known (judge’s wig, married Betty Claydon), Ben Evers (long white beard), Rowland Wilson (older brother of Douglas), Joyce Sorrell, Vera Turner (later Mrs Howell), Violet Dudley (dark clothes, sister of Cecil), two on extreme right not known. Front row (i.e. all the girls in white): Lena Butcher, Kath Richards, Anne Newman (later Mrs Redman), Betty Claydon, Mim Prentice (from Hatfield Peverel), Nellie Ottley, next one not known, Joan Evers (Ben’s sister), Mary Wenn. Also see photo M1329, probably a smaller group at the same event.

PhotographerButcher's Studios
Date taken1920s
SourceHowell, Keith
Posted on Full size 1036 × 398

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