Photos of Witham

Group of railwaymen dressed up for party or ceremony

Taken: 1960 approx, Source: Pam Robinson, Ref: M724

Group of railwaymen dressed up for party or ceremony. Possibly a Christmas lunch, possibly organised by Bob Bragg. Include standing in back row: Bob Bragg (fifth from left, no specs, Witham station foreman, later called station inspector), Jack Collin (seventh from left, just to left of light, chief ganger), Roy Sutton (second from right, leading porter), Barney Levitt (extreme right, booking clerk). Include sitting in front row: Bert Webb (fifth from left, no specs, chief clerk, retired 1952), George Champ (third from right, grinning, signalman at Blunts Hall box, then booking clerk), Arthur Goodrich (second from right, blue-grey waistcoat, signalmen at station box). Probably includes some from outside Witham, as not recognised by people who worked at Witham like John Newman.

Date taken1960 approx
SourcePam Robinson
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