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Group of staff at Crittall’s window factory, Braintree Road, including Fred Cook

Taken: 1926, Source: Fred Cook, Ref: M72

The office staff and the foremen at Crittall’s factory, 1926. Probably the first photo of them. Next to the old power house where electricity was made, next to the Braintree railway line. The old station maltings are behind. From left to right, back row: Wilfred Swan (time clerk), Cyril English (yard foreman), Chris Walker (despatch office), Cyril Willis (despatch office), Horace Scott (foreman, later chief inspector), Stevens (trainee?). Next to back: Bill Martin (foreman), Mitchell (mechanical engineer), J Wilkins (despatch office, later foreman), Potter (builders’ foreman), Arthur Hammond (foreman), George Hubbard (clerk), Bill Joslin (packing foreman), Harry Wrate (manager, previously a parson, later a parson again at Feering), Tom Haggar (gate keeper, wearing Crittall uniform; formerly police sergeant at Witham 1914-20). Next to front: G (or John?). Basham (kneeling, clerk), D Reynolds, R Smee (first two girls at Crittall’s, one typing, one on telephone), Bill Pemble (chief engineer), Dan Crittall (engineer, founder’s son), Tim Coope (office manager), Nellie Haggar (on telephone exchange, Sergeant Haggar’s daughter, married John Kirkwood, assistant manager, and went to Scotland); Fred Cook, owner of photo, met them once in Sauchihall Street). Front row: George Cutts (replaced Fred Cook in despatch officer later, then went to Aylesbury), R (or Jack?) Stoffer (brother of Stoffer the chemist; good runner), Fred Cook (checker of windows before they were painted), Dick Adams (clerk). Names and jobs mostly supplied by Fred Cook. Jobs sometimes vary from those given in M73; this may be a different way of describing them, or that they changed over time, or misremembering.

Date taken1926
SourceFred Cook
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