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Group of staff at the Grove, Newland Street

Taken: 1900, Source: Braintree and Witham Times, 23 July 1973., Ref: M507

The staff of the Grove. Comparison with photo M294 shows that Mr Bell (head gardener) is at the left hand end of the middle row, seated on chairs (perhaps Mrs Bell is next to him as he has his hand on her shoulder), and Walter Pavelin (assistant gardener) is second from right in back row. Walter’s wife Ada was a cook at the Grove at one time but not obviously identifiable (see photo M296). Miss Flo Pavelin had an original and thought she had given it to Dr William Foster to put in the paper and not had it back, but he didn’t remember anything about it when I asked him (his letter 5 May 1991).

Date taken1900
SourceBraintree and Witham Times, 23 July 1973.
Posted on Full size 1969 × 1301

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