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Group of women at the Old Vicarage, approx. 1920

Taken: 1920 approx, Source: Ted Mott. From Miss Blood's album, bought by Mr and Mrs Mott at a sale., Ref: M204

A group of women at the Old Vicarage. Perhaps the Mother’s meeting or Child Welfare Group. Includes, back row left to right: (1) unknown (2) unknown, (3) Mrs Crabbe, (4) perhaps Mrs Albone, (5) unknown, (6) Mrs Hawkes of Chess Lane, had large family, (7) Mrs Emily Wilkie of Mill Lane, (8) Mrs Smith, wife of ‘Colonel’ Smith of Howbridge Road, (9) unknown, (10) unknown, (11) Mrs Edie Brown from top of Collingwood Road on west side, (12 – 16) unknown, (18) Mrs Dodman, wife of chimney sweep, (19) unknown, Middle row: (20-21) unknown, (22) Mrs Wade, wife of school attendant, of Powershall End, (23) Mrs Sarah Keeble of Church Street, (24) unknown, (25) Mrs Hammond of Guithavon Valley, (26) Mrs Bright of Church Street, (27-28) unknown, (29) Mrs King of Church Street, (30) perhaps Mrs Butler, (31) Mrs Christie of Mill Lane, (32) Miss Cunningham, with Peculiar People’s hat, lived in almshouse in Church Street, (33) Miss Susannah Vaux of Newland Street. Front row: (34-35) unknown, (36) Mrs Luckin of Mill Lane, (37) unknown, (38) Mrs Dazeley of Maldon Road, (39) Mrs Nightingale of Church Street, (40) Nurse Willick, from nursing home at Roslyn House, 16 Newland Street, (41) ‘Granny’ Mortimer, (42-43) unknown, (44) perhaps Mrs Raisey, (45) Mrs Burmby of Church Street, (46) Mrs Purkis of Church Street, previously of Woodham Ferrers, (47) Mrs Taylor of Mill Lane, (48) Mrs Bones of Dancing Dicks, (49-51) unknown, Kneeling etc. Together towards left – (52) Molly Dazeley (later Mrs Chipperfield), (53) Alice Dazeley. Rest kneeling etc unknown.

Date taken1920 approx
SourceTed Mott. From Miss Blood's album, bought by Mr and Mrs Mott at a sale.
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