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Group of women at the swimming pool behind the Swan

Taken: 1933-1935, Ref: M2830

A group of women at the swimming pool behind the Swan (153 Newland Street). Could possibly be at the opening in May 1933, as it was given to Gordon Ager with M2829 of that event. But the swimmers at the opening seemed to be from other clubs so this might have been taken at a different time.

Back row includes Mrs Marion Taber (on left, nee Payne), Mrs Crook (4th from left, wife of Harry, Clerk of UDC), Miss Nora Mondy (5th from left).

Middle row includes Mrs Edith Redman (on left. She weighed 13 and a half stone and learnt to swim in this pool at the age of 54, and had a Certificate of Merit for swimming a certain number of yards. She was so keen she used to cycle to Maldon to swim in the pool there – information from her from Mrs Ann Redman in 2001. Mrs Thirza[?] Rudkin (is far right, wife of Albert, shoe repairer)

Front row includes Miss Buchanan (perhaps, left end, of Benton Hall, Gordon Ager identified her tentatively), Mrs Dorothy (Dolly) Ashcroft (perhaps, 6th from left; Gordon Ager identified her but she also looks like the person on M611 that Mrs Ann Redman thought might be Betty Claydon, whose father had a cycle shop at the end of Kings Chase).

PhotographerGeorge Butcher? (from M577)
Date taken1933-1935
SourceAger, Gordon¸
106 Highfields Road. Given to him by Ann Redman in 1973
Posted on Full size 2560 × 1565

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