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Housego’s shop in Guithavon Road

Photographer: Roy Gage, Taken: 28 Jan 1973, Source: Gage, Roy, Ref: M1001

C.W.Housego’s general shop in Guithavon Road (east end, south side). Now part of the house called ‘The Old Stores’.
Nick Hayman lived in Guithavon Street, and recalls: “I used to buy my sweets in Housego shop, Guithavon Road on my way to Powers Hall school. Your pictures took me right back. Thank you. The sweets were all the penny chews and if we had a bit of pocket money maybe a bag of quarters from the jars on the shelf. Happy times.”

PhotographerRoy Gage
Date taken28 Jan 1973
SourceGage, Roy
Posted on Full size 1635 × 1518

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