Photos of Witham

Soldiers inside the new YMCA hut in Collingwood Road in 1915

Photographer: W E Bull, Taken: May 1916, Source: Martyn Drake, Ref: M820

In 1915 in the First World War, the Y.M.C.A. hut in Collingwood Road (the site is now occupied by 48A Collingwood Road and 50 Collingwood Road).

Shows soldiers inside the hut, at tables. They are Royal Engineers and Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) (information from Ian Hook, Essex Regiment Museum).

The inscription on the back of the original reads ‘Witham Hut May 1916’ [sic : probably should be 1915, so an error by the scribe or by me].

There were reports in the Essex Weekly News, 30 July 1915 and the Essex County Chronicle, 30 July and 6 August 1915.

See also photos M818, M819, M821.

PhotographerW E Bull
Date takenMay 1916
SourceMartyn Drake
Posted on Full size 4102 × 2617

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