Old Photos of Witham

Lady and cat, probably at Pelican Cottage

Taken: 1904-1907, Ref: M2061

Lady and cat probably at Pelican Cottage, 16 Collingwood Road (built 1904). Written by hand on front, ‘AER Billy’. To judge from others in the series (M2060 and M2062-M2066), Billy is the Miss Pattissons’ cat and AER is Alice E Redman, their ladies’ maid in Witham in 1901 (probably also the Miss Redman to whom M2062 is addressed). Postmark 6 April 1907. Addressed to Mrs Tyler, Lingfield, Hainault Road, Chadwell Heath, Essex [1906 electoral register has Arthur Tyler at this address, in Chadwell Heath ward of Dagenham]. Message says ‘Are you alive’.

Date taken1904-1907
SourceNewbitt, Keith.
17 Medlar Close, Witham, CM8 2SU.

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