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Large Christmas group at Chipping Hill school, c.1949

Taken: 1949 approx, Source: Brannan, Margaret and Peter, Ref: M1613

Large Christmas group at Chipping Hill Infants school, Church Street – probably all the children at the school. Back row, left to right, ???, Roy Marven, Patrick Kelley (narrow stripes), ??? (now in Kelvedon, wide stripes), Michael Pavelin, Tommy Breen, Graham Manning (under light), Kevin Wager, David Mellon, Brian Lock (stripes), Peter Brown, Barry Wright (tie), Graham Cullum. Next to back row, Ron Howe, Alan Ross, John Peck (curly), Margaret Mead (married Lenny Payne), ??? (could be Jenny Allen, with specs), Janet Smith (with ribbons, went to America), Marie Roach, Linda Woodwards (ribbons), ???, ???, Olive Hawkes, Judith Brittain (plaits, was killed on M25, Mrs B lives St Nicholas Road). Next to front row, Ron Leatherdale, Peter Brannan, Doreen Potter (one ribbon, married Neville Woodwards), ???, ??? (could be Sandra Young), Zilla Brown (curly, check dress), Penelope Jeffries (hair band with ribbon, posh, went to Avenue Road, worked for cosmetics company, went abroad, perhaps Canada), ???, — Brown (dark top with lots buttons), Ann Baldwin, — Claydon (stripes), David Sealey, Paul Brown, Winston Champ, David Snowden. Front rows, Gary Ealey, Trevor Foster, David Thorogood, Ken Smith (looking left), Bryan Egg (posh, behind Ken), Rodney Cullum (curly, front), ??? (hand to mouth, lived Braintree Road near station), Alan McElrea (check shirt), Robert Smith (knees to right, taxi driver, Braintree), John Wright, David Cousins, Derek Neave (front, braces), Reg Miller (head on one side), Ray Shelley, ???, David Smith (Bud, front, curly), ???, Doug Thorogood, John Egg, Michael Tinworth. Father Christmas was Mr Clark (husband of teacher, he was later gardening teacher at Bramston school).

Date taken1949 approx
SourceBrannan, Margaret and Peter
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