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A large group of workers at Pinkham’s glove factory in 1947 or 1948

Taken: 1947 or 1948, Source: Vojak, Pat, Ref: M480

A large group of workers and staff at Pinkham’s glove factory, 1 Chipping Hill, in 1947 or 1948. With the Albert (2 Chipping Hill) behind.

Photo M502 is a duplicate of this.

Much information about people at the Glove Factory was collected and set out by the late Mrs Pat Vojak of Chalks Road. Her late mother was Mrs Annie Hollick who had worked at the factory.

The format of such drawings and charts is not compatible with posts about photos like this one. I have therefore included the information in a separate post entitled “Pinkham’s Glove Factory. Names of people in photo M480”. This should make it possible to identify a large number of the people in the photo.

Date taken1947 or 1948
SourceVojak, Pat
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