Photos of Witham

Levi Feakes in Witham signal box

Taken: 30 Aug 1931 ?, Source: Feakes, David, Ref: M1130

Levi Feakes (on left) and colleague in Witham signal box. Board probably says ‘Witham Junction 30th Aug 1931’. Having been born in Bury St Edmunds in 1869, he came with his wife to Witham in about 1890, and stayed as a signalman here until his retirement in about 1934. At first the family lived in Church Street (in the vicinity of 14-20) and then at Harwin Cottages (6-8 Braintree Road). His great-grandson had heard that he was well over 6 feet tall and very strong, and pointed out his very large hands on the photos. See Feakes in the people files for more information.

Date taken30 Aug 1931 ?
SourceFeakes, David
Posted on Full size 1808 × 2614

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