Photos of Witham

Looking through Collingwood Road railway bridge, with signal box

Taken: 1911, Source: John Newman, 35 The Avenue, Witham, 
CM8 2DT, Ref: M2778

Looking west towards Chelmsford through Collingwood Road railway bridge. The Station signal box is just through the bridge. The column with a ball on top is a water column. It could swing to the platforms on either side to top up the water in the locomotives. Just left of the ball is an arm, pointing away, there is a leather chute hanging from it. Information from John Newman. See also M580 and M581, M2776-M2777, and M2779-M2788.

PublisherGreat Eastern Railway
Date taken1911
SourceJohn Newman, 35 The Avenue, Witham, 
RestrictionsFrom the Windwood collection at the National Railway Museum, York. Copyright of the NRM.

Their ref GE 720.
Posted on Full size 2560 × 1936

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