m1812a victory parade in May 1945, the cadets

M1812.The Victory parade in Newland Street after the Second World War.Seen from the north side
Three sections, M1812(a), (b) and (c) They show the part with the air cadets (ATC), with the Girls Training Corps (GTC) behind.

M1812 (a) Left to right in air cadets are (1) Richard Joslin of Highfields farm, (2) Alan Stoneham of Highfields Road, (3) Gordon Ager of Bembridge, Chalks Road (later photographer; he gave the names), (4) Geoff Sharp of The Avenue, (5) in front, Chris Pettican, (6) behind, Peter Butler of Gaza, Chalks Road, (7) in front, Ken Hazelwood? of Hatfield Road, (8) behind, ???, (9) in front, Gordon Ager, not the same as 3, (10) behind, John Kentfield of Collingwood Road, lived top of Collingwood Road, in RAF after the war and killed by a car 1 Jan 1955 aged 24, buried St Nicholas churchyard. (11) in front, small with specs, Raymond Revel of Maldon Road, (12) behind, no cap, — Arnold of Highfields Road, (13) part hidden, ???, (14) in front, John Bright of Cressing Road (brother is now Sir Keith Bright, Chairman of London Transport till 1989), (15) at back, part hidden, ???, (16) small, no cap, Ken McKeough, (17) front, after gap, Peter Ager, brother of 9, (18) after gap, below ladies, David McWhirter, (19) Fred Austin of Terling, (20) saluting, Lieut Richmond of Guithavon Rise, (21) far right, saluting, — Jennings of The Avenue, postmaster.

Date takenMay 1945
SourceNyria Atkinson

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