Photos of Witham

Middle of Avenue in colour, looking down

Taken: 1902 to 1918, Source: Drake, Martyn, Ref: M1468

Middle of Avenue looking down. In summer. Porch of Grove at end. No stamp, postmark or address. Message reads ‘Dear [???] so sorry not to have thanked you before for lovely [???] am so delighted with them & nice letter to hear about you & your dear Baby. I know he is lovely, Ive been waiting to send you some Floers hope to later on, cant get hold of many. Edwin[?] is much better and mywfle. This has been wrote so long could not send it and did not know your name, been waiting to hear from Edie, Ive been wanting to send you some flowers but cannot get many & have only lttle[?] flower garden. Hope you are all well. We did have a nice time at [???] Grove nice to see them kind love from us both Edwin & Edie’.

Date taken1902 to 1918
SourceDrake, Martyn
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