Old Photos of Witham

Middle of Newland Street looking east

Taken: 1895-1915, Source: Purchased., Ref: M2845

The middle of Newland Street looking east. Quite a common photo, which can be readily identified by the back of the lady on the left with long dark hair or a scarf. On the extreme left is a building with the name of Norris on a sign, possibly at 60 Newland Street (John Norris and then Robert William C Norris were confectioners 1878 to 1912 (not 1914) according to directories). 

On the right hand side of road, left to right: White Hart hotel (pale, low, two-storey, 6 windows in row), Angel Inn (39-41 Newland Street, with sign, window in roof), 43 Newland Street (International Stores – in directories 1899 onwards), 45 Newland Street (Crickmore – in directories 1890-1922), 47 Newland Street (three-storeys, with gable windows), Spread Eagle hotel (49 Newland Street, with gables). 

Information from Charlie Poulter (see oral history tape 9) is that the left-hand one of the two carts left of centre, left of the person in white, was a Council cart, collecting the rubbish. 

The postmark is ‘Wickham Bishops 17 July 1915’. Addressed to ‘Master Paul Watson, The Stone House, Goathland, Yorkshire’. On the front under the picture is written by hand ”This is where we do our shoping [sic] not much like London is it, love from Mims[?]”

Date taken1895-1915
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