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Moore’s Temperance Hotel (9 Albert Road) with Robert Gladstone Moore

Photographer: Frederick Artis, of Witham and Braintree, Taken: 1891 to 1898, Source: Moore, S.R. Descendant of Robert Moore owner of the hotel., Ref: M1335

‘Moore’s Temperance Hotel’ (as on name board), now 9 Albert Road. The other signs say ‘Good stabling. Open & closed carriages on hire. Omnibus for private parties’, and ‘Moore’s coffee and dining rooms. Good beds’. In front is a boy on a horse said to be Robert Gladstone Moore, third son of Robert and Fanny Moore, owners of the hotel. Robert the owner came to Witham from Kelvedon after he married in 1872 and was recorded as a ‘builder employing 3 men and 2 boys’ in the 1881 census returns in Newland Street. As a keen member of the Witham Temperance Ark he built the hotel. He is recorded in directories as a carpenter in 1874, carpenter and builder 1878 & 1882, Temperance hotel and undertaker 1886, Temperance Hotel 1890, 1895, 1899. In the 1891 census as ‘Jobmaster – Hotel prop’ and Robert Gladstone Moore was 10; he looks anything from 10 to 16 on the photo. (Frederick Artis, photographer, in Witham at 34 Newland Street c. 1891-1898).

PhotographerFrederick Artis, of Witham and Braintree
Date taken1891 to 1898
SourceMoore, S.R. Descendant of Robert Moore owner of the hotel.
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