Old Photos of Witham

Nativity Play, Chipping Hill school

Taken: 1946, Ref: M1824

Nativity Play, Chipping Hill School. Back row of three, left to right, ???, Valerie Pease (married Neil Watson), ???. Next to back row (four on left, three on right), ???, Roger Dorking, Peter[?] Howe, ???, Carl Minton, Richard Keeble, ???. Next to front row (four on left, six on right), ???, Doreen Potter (later Mrs Woodwards), ???, Trevor Rudkin, ??? (Mary), Peter Smith (Bud’s brother, born 1940), David Brown (killed in plane crash), Brian Scarlett, — Haygreen (peeping through), ???. Front row, sitting (three), ???, Bridget Neave, Gill Garvey (was Carnival Queen, married Roy Warner).

PhotographerH Tempest Ltd, Mundella Works, Felton Road, Nottingham
Date taken1946
SourceSmith, David (Bud)
Posted on Full size 5472 × 3657

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