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Office staff at Crittall’s, seated, between 1950 and 1960

Taken: 1950-1960, Source: Mens, Margaret, Ref: M533

Office staff of Crittall Manufacturing Company, Braintree Road (sitting), between 1950 and 1960.

Photo M534 was probably taken on the same day.

Names known are taken from the left:

Three men at back, from left: (1) Fred Lapwood (chin hidden) (2) unknown (3) A L (‘Dick’) Chapman (manager, despatch department) (centre of pic, standing or tall).

Middle row: Women 4 to 6 unknown, (7) Eileen Whybrew (later Mrs Dowsett) (dark hair, head just at lower end of bar), (8) Bill Messent (head in front of bar), (9) Jack Drury (was in the band) (leaning forward, head lower than other men), (10) Ted Nethercoat (dark jacket, centre parting) (11) Miss Margaret Mens (sitting on brick wall, forward of rest)

Front row: (12) Nancy (maiden name unknown, later Mrs Woodwards)) (on left end, dark skirt, half kneeling, body towards right), (13) Pearl Wade (later Mrs Diaper) (one leg in front at sharp angle, hands clasped together near to her (14) Sylvia Ambrose from Witham (later Mrs Shelley) (reaching forward, hands clasped together round knees) (15) Jean Foulsham (dark skirt and cardigan, hand on arm of Sylvia Ambrose to left) (16) Bert Knight, dispatch department (hands round knees, specs) (one time bandmaster of Crittall band; his daughter Cecily Goldsmith was living in Terling in 2004) (see also oral history tape 185).

Date taken1950-1960
SourceMens, Margaret
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