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Old Folks Coronation tea at the Public Hall, 1937

Taken: 1937, Source: Ted Mott. From Miss Blood's album, bought by Mr and Mrs Mott at a sale., Ref: M201

Old Folks Coronation tea at the Public Hall. The seven males standing at the back include: (7) third from left, Councillor W W Burrows, (8) fourth from left, Councillor Esmond Smith, (9) fifth from left Reverend B Payne, vicar, (11) furthest right, possibly Councillor Manning. Standing between tables on left: (36) possibly lady later Mrs Beardwell. Sitting, third row from left, i.e. in front of aforesaid lady: (50) third from front, Bill Cottee, foreman at tannery in Mill Lane (54) seventh from front, between two women, Arthur Sneezum, former park keeper (55) beyond him Mrs Albone, (56) beyond her Mr Albone. Third row from right, facing left: (90) fourth from front, with dark hat with white splodge one it, Mrs Smith of Mill Lane, (91) beyond her possible Mr Morley, (92) beyond him Mr Heard, (93) beyond him, Mrs Heard.

There are a considerable number of photos of the Sneezum family, i.e. M150, M201, M922 to M927, M929 to M943, and M1086. There are also references to them in many of the posts about the First World War, during which two of the boys were killed (look for Sneezum with a Search Box).

Date taken1937
SourceTed Mott. From Miss Blood's album, bought by Mr and Mrs Mott at a sale.
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