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Opening of swimming pool behind the Swan, 153 Newland Street, in 1933

Photographer: George Butcher, Taken: May 1933, Source: Colchester library, Ref: M233

The opening of the Urban District Council’s outdoor swimming pool behind the Swan, in May 1933. Standing, in white suit, Sir Valentine Crittall, who performed the opening ceremony, perhaps Mrs Crittall half-hidden by him. A gala and an exhibition water polo match followed, provided by clubs from Maldon and Braintree. Thereafter, Tuesday evenings were to be reserved for the Witham Ladies’ Swimming Club. The pool closed in 1936 because of poor water quality, but after protest meetings it re-opened again until 1939. See the Braintree and Witham Times, 13 November 1964, and 11 April 1969, when the fate of the empty pool was being discussed.

PhotographerGeorge Butcher
Date takenMay 1933
SourceColchester library
RestrictionsCopyright Essex County Council. From the collection of Essex County Council Libraries at Colchester Library
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