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Panorama of Newland Street at junction with Collingwood Road

Source: Len Skingsley, Ref: M308

Panorama of Newland Street at junction with Collingwood Road. Left to right, on left hand side of road, George public house (36 Newland Street, 34 Newland Street, 32 Newland Street, 30 Newland Street, 28 Newland Street (these four pale terrace with foliage and ladder), 26 Newland Street (darker brown), 24 Newland Street, 22 Newland Street, the Whitehall (18 Newland Street, taller, jutting out), the trees at the end of The Avenue. Left to right on right hand side of the road, Freebournes farm (3 Newland Street, low, two gables, left of horse and cart), trees and gateway of High House (part of 5 Newland Street, behind horse and cart), Red Lion public house (7 Newland Street, pink), 9 Newland Street, 11 Newland Street, 13 Newland Street (white terrace), 29 Newland Street (H Cutts), 31 Newland Street (E M Blyth, Roller flour mills), 33 Newland Street (J and E Cooper, poulterers and pork butchers, given in 1902 Kelly only; they were James & Elizabeth; James died 1904 and Elizabeth left Witham temporarily, see oral history info from Mrs Mabel Nicol, Elizabeth’s niece). Car in centre has registration F371 and was a ‘Clement’, 12 HP, 16 cwt, with a green ‘phaeton’ body, registered to William Buckley Gladstone of Abberton, Colchester on 1 January 1904 when registration first started; the registration was made void on 27 October 1916).

SourceLen Skingsley
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