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Part of Victory parade, showing band returning in Newland Street

Taken: May 1945, Source: Atkinson, Nyria. Daughter of Irene Lloyd (nee Mondy), and grandaughter of Albert and Beatrice Mondy., Ref: M1813

Victory parade taking salute in Newland Street. Similar photo to M1814, The band retreating. Taken from first floor window of Mondy’s ironmonger’s shop at 63 Newland Street; his sign in foreground reads ‘A Mondy. Plumber. Hot and cold water and Sanitary Engineer. Sheet Metal Worker’.
Buildings in background are, left to right, part of 70 Newland Street, 68 Newland Street (Bata shoes, with awnings), 64 Newland Street, 64 Newland Street (jutting out, Bellamy, chemist), 62 Newland Street. In front of 64 is a telephone box. It is a K3 model, first introduced in 1929 and designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, made of concrete, became Britain’s standard kiosk, about 12,000 were put up 1929-1935. They were superseded by his re cast iron ‘Jubilee Kiosk’ introduced in 1936, and was used until the 1960s. See also M647, M1811-M1812, M1814, M2193 and M2194.

Date takenMay 1945
SourceAtkinson, Nyria. Daughter of Irene Lloyd (nee Mondy), and grandaughter of Albert and Beatrice Mondy.
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