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Party at Pinkham’s glove factory, 1 Chipping Hill

Taken: 1940s approx, Source: Pat Vojak, Ref: M503

A party at Pinkham’s Glove factory.

Front row, left to right: (1) Blanche Keeble (formerly Parmenter) (hands together, drape in hair, rather pointed nose) (2) unknown (3) Jean Kimber (corner of table, pale top, white collar) (4) — Harris (small round hat, leaning over and smiling at Mr Pinkham) (5) Leslie (Bert) Pinkham (head of table, hat, cigarette, laughing) (6) Nell Hammond (striped top, large pale hat) (7) Mrs Ager (corner of photo, with specs).

Middle row, left to right: (8) Glynis (at left edge of photo, under paper chains) (9) unknown, (10) Chris Andrews (white jacket, looking left) (11) unknown (12) Mary Rushen (pale top, behind Harris, behind a decoration) (13) unknown (14) unknown (15) Mrs Woods (behind Hammond, with necklace, hat with white bar across) (16) unknown (17) unknown.

Back row, left to right: (18) unknown (19) Eunice Wright (dark top, left of Sid Keeble) (20) Sid Keeble (highest, in middle) (21) Joyce Springett (left one of the two further back, right of Sid) (22) Doris Taylor (right one of the two further back, right of Sid) (23) Jamie Andrews right of photo, half hidden by Mrs Wood) (24) unknown.

Date taken1940s approx
SourcePat Vojak
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