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Pauline Dickerson at Nicky Nocks, Maldon Road

Photographer: Lester Shelley, Taken: 1945 approx, Source: Lester Shelley, Ref: M573

Pauline Dickerson in Maldon Road, with the entrance to the Nicky Nocks, on the east side of the road, behind her. The Nicky Nocks were the meadows where children went to play and their elders went to do their courting. Pauline was the niece of Lester Shelley, who took the photo; she was later Mrs Pease of 1 Stevens Road. The photo is almost opposite the Shelleys’ house, Meadow View (now 92a Maldon Road).

PhotographerLester Shelley
Date taken1945 approx
SourceLester Shelley
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