Photos of Witham

Pelican Cottage and group in garden

Taken: 1904-1907, Source: Mott, Ted, Ref: M155

Group in garden at Pelican Cottage, 16 Collngwood Road (built 1904). Three ladies who to judge from other pictures etc in the series (M2060-M2062 and M2064-M2067) are the Misses Charlotte Alice Pattisson (probably the one on the right), Ella Catherine (Kate) in wheelchair, and visiting friend ‘A E R’, probably Miss Redman, probably the one on the left. Also Billie the cat. This card (M155) was postmarked ‘Witham 1am SP22 07’ and was addressed to Miss K Blood, Westcliff Lodge, Clacton-on-Sea;. Message was ‘Many happy returns of today from us all Sep.21st 1907. You are having lovely weather may it long continue’.

Date taken1904-1907
SourceMott, Ted
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