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See Interview tapes 29 and 30.

The Croxall family tree
The Croxall family tree

James Croxall born 29 January 1867 (from tombstone), registered January/February/March quarter in Wolstanton registration district (volume 6b page 128) (free online BMD; Wolstanton district was in Staffordshire and included Burslem).

Copy of birth certificate with Croxall papers. Frances Breeze, daughter of David Breeze and Charlotte (nee Hindley), potter, of Sneyd Croft, Burslem. Born 1 January 1869

Nellie Croxall born October/November/December, Wolstanton district (volume 6b, page 139) (free online BMD; Wolstanton district was in Staffordshire and included Burslem).

1891 census
RG 12/2163, f.10, p.14, schedule 79, 34 Bridgewater Street, Burslem, Staffs
James Croxhall    Head    M    24    Engine driver (employed)    born Staffs, Burslem
Frances Croxhall    Wife    M    22        born Staffs, Burslem
Nellie Croxhall    Daur        5 mo        born Staffs, Burslem

Nellie Croxall died April/May/June, aged 1, Wolstanton district (volume 6b, page 75) (free online BMD; Wolstanton district was in Staffordshire and included Burslem).

4 April 1893
Eva Croxall born (ERO E/MA 21- Girls National School Admission register) (given as in Wolstanton district, including Burslem, in free BMD, volume 6b, page 67).

28 December 1895
Gladys Croxall born (ERO E/MA 21- Girls National School Admission register) (given as in Leek district, including Biddulph, free BMD, volume 6b, page 296).

George Ritson Croxall born April/May/June, Leek district (volume 6b, page 334) (free online BMD; Leek district was in Staffordshire and included Biddulph).

Croxall family moved to Witham (info from retirement in 1932 when said been manager for 33 years).

Eva Croxall admitted to Girls National School 8 January 1900.

1901 census
RG 13/1725, f.44, p.13, schedule 44, page 13, schedule 101, house gas works, Witham
James Croxall    Head    M    34    Manager, gas works, worker    born Staffs, Burslem
Frances Croxall    Wife    M    33        born Staffs, Burslem
Eva Croxall    Daur        7        born Staffs, Burslem
Gladys Croxall    Daur        5        born Staffs, Biddulph
George R Croxall    Son        3        born Staffs, Biddulph

Reginald Harrison Croxall born October/November/December, Braintree district (volume 4a, page 854) (free online BMD, Braintree district included Witham then),

Gladys Croxall admitted to Girls National School 1 January 1902.

29 July 1903
Lucy Croxall born (ERO E/MA 21- Girls National School Admission register) (given as in Braintree district in free BMD, volume 4a, page 903).

Eva Croxall left school 3 May 1907, over age.

Gladys Croxall left school 23 December 1909, over age.

Lucy Croxall admitted to Girls National School 9 August 1910.

1920 electoral register, Witham
Gas Works:
James Croxall, Frances Croxall, George Ritson Croxall.

1930 electoral register, Witham
134 Newland Street:
James Croxall, Frances Croxall, Lucy Croxall, Eva Hayes.

1932, newspaper cutting in Lucy Croxall’s scrapbook, (now ERO Acc A10690)
‘Presentatation to Late Gas Company Manager.
Mr James Croxall, after 38 years as manager of the Witham Gas Light and Coke Co Ltd, retired on March 31st last, having attained the age of 65 years. [note: election address quoted below says 33 years which fits better with other info]. On Friday last the workmen assembled, and Mr J W Meekings, on their behalf, presented Mr Croxall with a silver cigarette case, suitably inscribed, as a mark of esteem and appreciation. Mr Croxall, after thanking the workmen for the gift, introduced the new manager, Mr A T Howard, late of Holywell, North Wales. A native of Yorkshire, Mr Croxall came to Witham from Biddulph, Staffs, where he was articled when in the employ of the Burslem Corporation Gas Company. Since Mr Croxall has been manager of the Witham Gas Company the gas works have been practically remodelled. During his time as manager the company have, with one exception, maintained their dividend of six per cent. Mr Croxall, who has been married 43 years, has a family of two sons and three daughters, and will continue to reside in Witham. Mr and Mrs Croxall are popular among the townspeople and have been the recipients of many congratulations and good wishes upon their retirement’.
[and others similar but shorter]

Photo M2184 is election address for James Croxall for election on Saturday 2 April. Reads
‘Witham Urban District Council Election. Witham, Essex, March 1932. To the Local Government Electors of Witham.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
At the request of numerous Ratepayers, I offer myself as a candidate at the above election.
After thirty-three years of service, as Manager, to the Witham Gas Light and Coke Company, Ltd., I am known to many of you. I am now retiring from this position, which will enable me to devote my time entirely to the interests and welfare of the Town and Ratepayers should you do me the honour of electing me.
I appeal for your votes solely as an Independent and Progressive Candidate, and any measure brought forward for the interests of the Town, consistently with what it can afford, would have my hearty support
Yours faithfully, James Croxall.
Polling Day:- Saturday, April 2nd, 1932, 8 am to 8 pm
Polling Station:- The National Schools, Guithavon Street.
Your Number on the Register is:- Mr —   Mrs — Vote for CROXALL X
Printed by J H Clarke and Co, Witham, and Published by James Croxall, Witham’

Braintree and Witham Times, 11 February, page 10
Marriage of Reg Croxall, son of James of the gas office.

1949 and 1951
All Saints, grave 859.
James Croxall, born 29 Jan 1867, died 11 Nov 1949.
Frances Croxall, born 8 Jan 1869, died 8 Nov 1951.

Various cuttings about retirement of Lucy Croxall from Bramston School, in LC’s cuttings, filed as paper copies in people file. Lives with her sister at Knypersley, Collingwood Road.

1982 electoral register, Witham
George R Croxall, Sybil C Croxall, 51 Guithavon Street.

Death certificate of a Gladys Stark, but perhaps not our Gladys as it gives her as born 1905 whilst ours was born 1895. It says the Daventry one:
Died 1 September 1986 at Danetre Hospital, Daventry.
Doesn’t give maiden name.
Says born 7 April 1905. Widow of — Stark.
Usual address 5 Lindale Close, Northampton
Informant Helen Alexandra Thomson, occupier, at Danetre Hospital, Daventry
Cause of death: a. Bronchopneumonia, b. Cerebral arteriosclerosis.

December 1988
Lucy died

Phone directories 2004 include in Daventry area
G Croxall, 32 Knightsbridge Avenue, Bedworth, CV12 8DL, 024 76731476
He phoned 1 November and told me his sister, Mrs M Masters, 17 Tennyson Road, Holt, Hinckley, LE10 0TH, Leicestershire, knows a lot about the family history (phone 01455 636971)

BT phone book
M.R Masters
Tel: (01455) 636971 – Text Number
17 Tennyson Rd, Hinckley, LE10 0TH – Map.

I phoned her and she said hers must have been a different Croxall family, and she didn’t know about any Essex ones.

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  1. Thank you. I always wondered why Lucy was a great friend of our family and it all becomes clear. My father Stanley Frederick Gardiner became Manager of Witham Gas Works in 1932 and his son was born in the Nurses Cottage (George, later to become Sir George Gardiner MP for Reigate). Lucy and her sister were great fun and my brother and I always enjoyed their company. After Dad died in 1958 Mum went back to teaching at Bramston School where she taught Domestic Science.

    1. Thank you very much for getting in touch – that’s so interesting. Did you all get to live in the gas works house, or did the Croxalls stay there ? I know the gas works was an important landmark, and the committee that ran it was very active and involved. When your father came, it would be just before the mains electricity arrived here, which must have made it very difficult for the gas people.
      I can’t quite picture what the time was when you knew Lucy. You’ll have known, I’m sure, that she taught at Bramston herself, and I believe was extremely strict ! I was always sorry that I didn’t get to talk to Gladys – some friends knew her and said that she had very entertaining memories. It was suspected by some that Lucy eventually decided that Gladys should not take part.

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