Fisher, Ellen (Nellie), nee Mott

Notes on Ellen (Nellie) Fisher, nee Mott

See interview tape 73, and photos M3007-M3017

Born: 1894, Witham

Parents (married 1871)
Walter Mott born c 1851, son of David Mott and Emma (nee Ford). Died before his wife.
Mary Ann Mott, nee Thorrington, born 1852, died aged 69 so c. 1921.

School Catholic School, Colchester Road, because near home.

Brothers and sisters, i.e. Motts (info from Kate Halliday, daughter of Mrs F, with dates added from census where known) Added in brackets and italics are others named on the census who might be the same as hers under a different name, or might have died. The interview on the tape says there were three boys and three girls and that the oldest brother worked at Kelvedon, and then there was a sister, and then another brother Charlie, who worked in Suffolk and then went to Australia with his employer, Sir Cuthbert Quilter.

Emma (b c 1873)
Frederick (b c 1876)
Charles (b c 1877)
(Walter (born c 1880)
(Elizabeth (b c 1882) (Liz mentioned on tape)
Kate K (born c 1884)
Robert G (b c 1888)
(Thomas H (b c ?))
Kate (b c 1893),
Ellen (Nellie, later Mrs Fisher) (b 1894)
(Richard (b c 1897)).

Nellie’s children
Bertie Fisher born c 1920, Katie born c 1925

Nellie’s residences
Chess Lane, Witham, as child
47 Maldon Road (part of Trafalgar Square) when first married
3 Maldon Road from 1930 to 1957.
56 Laurence Avenue in later life.

August 1988 just after her 94th birthday

Extracts from relevant documents

1851 census
HO 107/1778, ED 5, page 23. location illegible, Great Totham
David Mott    Head    Mar     37    Agricultural Labourer    born Essex, Braintree
Emma Mott    Mar    Mar    29        born Essex, Ulting
David Mott    Son        10        born Essex, Langford
Sarah Mott    Dau        7        born Essex, Ulting
James Mott    Son        5        born Essex, Ulting
Walter Mott    Son        2        born Essex, Ulting

1881 census
RG 11/1777, page 4, schedule 16, Porters, Great Braxted
Walter Mott    Head    Mar    30?    Agr Labr    born Essex, Ultin[?]
Mary Ann Mott    Wife    Mar    26        born Essex, Great Braxted
Emma Mott    Daur        8    Scholar    born Essex, Gt Totham
Fredrick Mott    Son        5    Scholat    born Essex, Gt Totham
Charles Mott    Son        4        born Essex, Gt Totham
Walter Mott    Son        1        born Essex, Gt Totham

1891 census
RG 12/1399, ED 15, page 20, schedule 129, Mill Road, Tollesbury
Walter Mott    Head    M    39    Agricultural labourer    born Essex, Gt Totham
Mary Ann Mott    Wife    M    35[?]        born Essex, Gt Braxted
Emma Mott    Daur        17[?]    Agricultural labourer [sic]    born Essex, Gt Totham
Frederick    Son        15    Agricultural labourer    born Essex, Gt Totham
Charles    Son        13    Agricultural labourer    born Essex, Gt Totham
Walter    Son        11    Agricultural labourer    born Essex, Gt Totham
Elizabeth    Daur        9    Scholar    born Essex, Tiptree
Kate K    Daur        7    Scholar    born Essex, Tiptree
Robert G    Son        3    Scholar    born Essex, Tiptree
Thomas H    Son        ?        born Essex, Gt Braxted

1901 census
RG 13/1725, f.20, p.1, schedule 8, Chess Lane, Witham
Walter Mott    Head    M    50    Horseman on farm    born Essex, Ulting
Mary A Mott    Wife    M    49        born Essex, Braxted
Walter Mott    Son    S    21    Agricultural labourer    born Essex, Totham
Robert Mott    Son        13        born Essex, Tiptree
Kate Mott    Daur        8        born Essex, Witham
Ellen Mott    Daur        6        born Essex, Witham
Richard Mott    Son        4        born Essex, Witham

1920 electoral register
Chess Lane: Mott, Robert Stanley; Mott, Florence Ethel Mary
Trafalgar Square: Mott, Walter Gabriel.

1930 electoral register
Chess Lane: Mott, Robert Stanley; Mott, Florence Ethel
47 Maldon Road: Fisher, Albert; Fisher, Ellen

1938 electoral register
3 Maldon Road: Fisher, Albert; Fisher, Ellen

1947 electoral register
3 Maldon Road: Fisher, Bert Albert; Fisher, Albert; Fisher, Ellen.

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