Old Photos of Witham

Performance on stage at Public Hall

Performance at Public Hall. Possibly ‘The Imps’, Young Conservatives. See numbered outline in links. (6) Joan Howlett, daughter of organist at All Saints. (7) Perhaps Marjorie Brown (later Mrs Coleman), daughter of Percy Brown of Collingwood House, Collingwood Road. (8) Catherine Brown, sister of Marjorie at 7. (9) Joan Evitt (later Mrs Wood?). (10) Katherine Taber (later Mrs Ratcliffe). (12) Bene Pearce (later Mrs Dixon). (13) Mollie Evitt (later Mrs Morton). (18) Irene Mondy, daughter of Albert Mondy, ironmonger. (24) Ruth Peecock, daughter of H.B.Peecock, manager of Barclays Bank. (29) Karl Lindley Bott, son of Lindley Alexander Bott of Half Hides farm. (30) Ruth Mary Bott, sister of Karl at 29. Information on last two came with M995, the rest was collected from various sources for M195.

PhotographerW E Bull
Date taken1920s approx
SourceMott, Ted
Posted on Full size 2270 × 1432

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