Chipping Hill (south side) and Earlsmead, street renumbering, 1970

Street numbering of the south side of Chipping Hill and Earlsmead in 1970

The information is from the map given to Janet Gyford by Witham Urban District Council, 1970

At the top is the western part, whilst below is the east. The new numbers have thick black rings round them.

At the top is the eastern part, whilst below is the west. The new numbers have thick black rings round them.


List of renumbering

New addressFormer address
Temples Meadow, 7 Chipping HillTemples Meadow, Chipping Hill
Garehurst, 9 Chipping HillGarehurst, Chipping Hill
Homewood, 11 Chipping HillHomewood, Chipping Hill
Englemere, 13 Chipping HillEnglemere, Chipping Hill
15 Chipping Hill1 Earlsmead
17 Chipping Hill2 Earlsmead
19 Chipping Hill3 Earlsmead
21 Chipping Hill4 Earlsmead
23 Chipping Hill5 Earlsmead
25 Chipping Hill6 Earlsmead
27 Chipping Hill7 Earlsmead
29 Chipping Hill5 Chipping Hill
Barnardiston House, 35 Chipping HillBarnardiston House, Chipping Hill
37 Chipping Hill15 Chipping Hill
Cobblers, 39 Chipping HillCobblers, Chipping Hill
Littlefields, 41 Chipping HillLittlefields, Chipping Hill
43 Chipping Hill29 Chipping Hill
45 Chipping Hill31 Chipping Hill
47 Chipping Hill33 Chipping Hill
49 Chipping Hill35 Chipping Hill
51 Chipping Hill37 Chipping Hill
53 Chipping Hill39 Chipping Hill
55 Chipping Hill41 Chipping Hill

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