Pubs. Carpenters Arms, High Street

This is taken from the great history of Essex pubs that was compiled by the late Ian Hunter. Kevan now looks after it all. I’m very grateful to him for providing me with the Witham information, and allowing me to include it here.

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The building has been demolished

The Fleece was renamed the Carpenters Arms between 1839 and 1845.****

Known residents, from the census returns and directories
Year Publican or other Resident Relationship to Head and or Occupation Age Where Born Source
1822 William Page Pigot’s*
1823-4 William Page Pigot’s
1839 William Page Pigot’s
1845 Edward Agar Carpenter Post Office
1848 Michael Alfred Dardis Kelly’s
1851 William W. Raven Innkeeper 42 Hockley, Essex Census**
Sarah Raven Wife 41 Hockley, Essex Census**
Sarah Bradley Domestic Servant 29 Chelmsford, Essex Census**
George Curtis Lodger, Labourer 29 Census**
Thomas Brown Lodger, Ordnance Surveyor 19 Hitchin, Hertford Census**
Michael Honaghy Lodger, Ordnance Surveyor 21 Shigo, Ireland Census**
George Thomas Lodger, Carpenter 23 Pembrooke, Wales Census**
Daniel Hughes Lodger, Traveller 54 Ireland Census**
Michael Hughes Lodger, Traveller 51 Ireland Census**
1852 W. Raven Kelly’s*
1855 C. Clark Kelly’s*
1862 Charles Clark Kelly’s
1870 William Kershaw Kelly’s
1871 William Kershaw Post Office
1874 Henry W. Higgin Kelly’s
1878 Henry W. Higgin Kelly’s
1881 Henry W. Higgins Licensed Victualler 48 St. Mistland, Buckingham Census
Eliza Higgins Wife 40 Canewdon, Essex Census
William Kilworth Nephew 21 Canewdon, Essex Census
Florence Last Niece 11 Boreham, Essex Census
Edward Waller Lodger, General Labourer 69 Norfolk Census
Mary Waller Lodger 72 Northampton Census
Fred Livermore Lodger, General Labourer 27 Essex Census
Charles Sexton Lodger, General Labourer 25 Essex Census
William Adams Lodger, General Labourer 31 Essex Census
Julia Adams Lodger 27 Essex Census
George Adams Lodger 5 Essex Census
Jem Adams Lodger 3 Essex Census
1882 Henry William Higgin Kelly’s
1891 Eliza Higgin Innkeeper 50 Canewdon, Essex Census***
William Killwosh(?) Nephew, Potman 21 Canewdon, Essex Census***
William Percival Lodger, General Labourer 53 Great Tey, Essex Census***
Ephraim Clary Lodger, General Labourer 58 Stisted, Essex Census***
William Dowsett Lodger, General Labourer 53 Sible Hedinham, Essex Census***
John Andrew Lodger, Hawker 42 Norfolk, Norwich Census***
Herbert Aldrich Lodger, Hawker 32 H—?, Suffolk Census***
Elizabeth Aldrich Lodger, Hawker 22 Cannock, Staffordhsire Census***
John Dodd Lodger, Hawker 30 Lambeth, London Census***
Jane Dodd Lodger, Hawker 32 Bury St Edmund, Suffolk Census***
Henry Brooks Lodger, General Labourer 36 Noughton, Suffolk Census***
George Pearson Lodger, Basket Maker 31 Sudbury, Suffolk Census***
Harry Wilson Lodger, Drover 26 Great Badow, Essex Census***
Henry Bright Lodger, Drover 49 Witham, Essex Census***
Walter Thorogood Lodger, Drover 29 Assington, Suffolk Census***
Thomas Underwood Lodger, Hydrophonist? 41 Assington, Suffolk Census***
Thomas Southgate Lodger, General Labourer 19 Hardleigh, Suffolk Census***
Frederick Underwood Lodger, General Labourer 13 Edwardstone?, Suffolk Census***

* Provided by the Pubs, Inns and Taverns Index for England, 1801-1900

** Provided by Angela Ward

*** Provided by CG

**** Provided by Janet Gyford

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