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This is taken from the great history of Essex pubs that was compiled by the late Ian Hunter. Kevan now looks after it all. I’m very grateful to him for providing me with the Witham information, and allowing me to include it here.

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Dating from 1300

9th January 2001
Known residents, from the census returns and directories
Year Publican or other Resident Relationship to Head and or Occupation Age Where Born Source
1600 John Armonde Owner (Left to Son, George) Will*
George Armonde Owner (Left by Father, John) Will*
1822 Robert Polley Pigot’s**
1823-4 Robert Polley Pigot’s
1839 Sarah Nunn Pigot’s
1845 Mrs. Sarah Nunn Post Office
1848 Sarah Nunn White’s
1851 Sarah Nunn Innkeeper 61 Barling, Essex Census***
Henry Nunn Son, Saddler 29 Witham, Essex Census***
Sarah Nunn Daughter, Dealer in Fancy Wood 28 Witham, Essex Census***
Eliza Nunn Daughter, Dealer in Fancy Wood 26 Witham, Essex Census***
Louisa Nunn Daughter, Assistant at Home 18 Witham, Essex Census***
Eliza Gatwood Visitor, Schoolmistress 35 London Census***
Mary Rickmore Servant 20 Witham, Essex Census***
Samuel Fitch Lodger, Cabinet Maker 27 Colchester, Essex Census***
Thomas Trimner (?) Lodger, Errand Boy 56 Census***
1852 Mrs. S. Nunn Kelly’s**
1855 Mrs. S. Nunn Kelly’s**
1862 Mrs. Sarah Nunn Kelly’s
1870 Mrs. Sarah Nunn Kelly’s
1871 Mrs. Sarah Nunn Post Office
1874 Mrs. Sarah Nunn Kelly’s
1878 Mrs. Sarah Nunn Kelly’s
1881 Sarah Nunn Hotelkeeper 58 Witham, Essex Census
Eliza Nunn Sister, Partner 56 Witham, Essex Census
William E. Shee Nephew, Solicitors Clerk 31 Witham, Essex Census
Eliza E. Ives Cousin, Assistant 21 Lambeth, Surrey Census
Lucy Bright General Servant 16 Fairsted, Essexy Census
Frederick Hunwick Domestic Boots 18 Coggeshall, Essexy Census
1882 Miss Eliza Nunn Kelly’s
1891 John W. Challams Hotel Keeper 34 Spilsby, Lincolnshire Census****
Jane R. Nunn Househeeper 42 Spilsby, Lincolnshire Census****
John E. Adams Boots at Hotel 29 Somerset Census****
Alice G. Ga?er Chambermaid 17 Little Waltham, Essex Census****
Ellen M. ? General Servant 16 Great Totham, Essex Census****
1894 Methuselah Head Kelly’s
1898 Methuselah Head Kelly’s
1917 Arthur Powell-Jones Kelly’s
1933 Stephen Slinger Kelly’s

* Provided by Ruth Aylett

** Provided by the Pubs, Inns and Taverns Index for England, 1801-1900

*** Provided by Angela Ward

**** Provided by CG

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