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Play on stage at Public Hall, Collingwood Road

Taken: 1920s approx, Source: Mott, Ted, Ref: M197

Play on stage at Public Hall, Collingwood Road. Names known as follows. At back: (10) Angel centre back with arms up is Vera Adams (later Mrs Ashby), (12) Boy to right of her with dark jacket and white collar, below left hand fronds of tree, is Ben Evers, (18) Boy at back further right, with specs, just under left hand edge of curtain, is Vic Keeble. Others standing: (20) At left hand end, wityh white collar and book in hand, Alf H Griggs, (30) middle of three girls in front of centre angel, with long ringlets, is Peggy Pearce, (38) in front of and to the left of Vic Keeble, in white surplice, is Sid Keeble, (40) in front of and to the right of Vic Keeble, with ermine-edged cloak, is Reg Adams, (43) at extreme right is Reg De’Ath. On front row, kneeling: (50) 7th from left, is Joan Evers. To estimate the date, note that Vera Adams (later Mrs Ashby) was born in 1911, and looks to be in her teens here so date is probably in the 1920s.

Date taken1920s approx
SourceMott, Ted
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