Old Photos of Witham

Print from copper plate for Benjamin Cottee, cabinet maker, early 19th century

Ref: M1692

Print from copper plate for printing letter heads etc. for Benjamin Cottee, cabinet maker, early 19th century. The original is with Kay Shaw, a descendant, in Sydney, Australia. In the centre; ‘B. COTTEE, / Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer, / & Paper Hanger, / Near the Blue Posts Hotel / WITHAM. / Bells neatly hung.’. On the left; ‘WORKMEN SENT / to any part of / THE COUNTY’. On the right; ‘EVERY ARTICLE / warranted of the / BEST MANUFACTURE’. Pictures of a mirror, a desk, a chair, a settee, a table and a chest of drawers. Benjamin Cottee was at about 90-94 Newland Street, early 1800s to 1840s. See also M1339, M1691.

SourceShaw, Kay. Descendant of Benjamin Cottee. Son Craig is in UK at 'craig@fourfin.demon.co.uk'. Her email is shawkay@hotmail.com
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