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The Railway station after the crash of the Cromer express in 1905

Photographer: Fred Hayward, Taken: 1 September 1905 or soon after, Source: Purchased, Ref: M750

The Railway station after the crash of the Cromer express. Looking east along Braintree line. Includes footbridge. Entitled ‘Wreck of the Cromer Express – Showing damaged Platform and latter part of Express left standing.

Has written on the front by hand ‘14.2.1903. Lest you forget’; must be commemorating something three years before postmark, but doesn’t say what. Postmarked: South Lambeth SE, 1.30 p.m. 14 Feb 06. Only the address is on the back, i.e. ‘Miss Harrison, “Crix”, Hatfield Peverel, Witham, Essex.

There are many other photographs of this train crash – search for Cromer or 1905 or crash.

PhotographerFred Hayward
Date taken1 September 1905 or soon after
Posted on Full size 2188 × 1341

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