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The Railway station after the crash of the Cromer express in 1905

Taken: 1 Sept 1905, Source: Drake, Martyn, Ref: M1432

The Railway station after the crash of the Cromer express in 1905. Looking east. Includes footbridge and part of platform roof. Probably 13 Albert Road on bank on left. Policeman left of centre. Postmark Brentwood, 14 September 1905.

Addressed to Miss Lottie Andrew, 45 Fordwych Road, West Hampstead, London NW. Message reads ‘ Dearest Lottie. Thanks awfully for pc, I do like it. Glad you arrived home safely so did I.This is one part of the accident that Mr W. teased you about. Hope you will like it dear.’ It is your turn to write to me isn’t it? Best love to all, Cissie’.

There are many other photographs of this train crash – search for Cromer or 1905 or crash.

PublisherReal Photo Series, Lankester and Co., Tunbridge Wells
Date taken1 Sept 1905
SourceDrake, Martyn
Posted on Full size 3366 × 2217

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