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Rickstones and Cross Roads VE day party, group of children

Taken: May 1945, Source: Angela Dersley, Ref: M716

A VE day party to celebrate the end of the Second World War in Europe, 8 May 1945. This one was for the residents of Cross Road and Rickstones Road, in Little Elms farmyard (now the Little Elms public house). A dance was held in the evening. See also M717, M2309. In the large group are, from left to right, back rows, standing: Tony Shelley, -?- (evacuee), Michael Webb, Sylvia Bates (later Mrs Balls), Barbara Shelley, Daphne Wade, Evelyn Baxter (later Mrs Norfolk), Pearl Wade (later Mrs Diaper), Brian Bright, Molly Barley, Jack Burmby, Alec Dakin, Eunice Wright, -?- (turning), Kathleen Rudkin (later Mrs Adams), Jean Butcher, Sheila Stoneham (later Mrs Lapwood), -?-, Sheila Rudkin (later Mrs Ellis), Alan Butcher, Maureen Baxter (later Mrs Cooksey), Mary Chalk, Daphne Shelley (later Mrs Heddle), Ron Foyster, Betty Pennock, Derek Rushen, Margaret Pennock. Middle row (on bench): Ruth Dibbens, Gill Garvey, Joan Bartholomew (later Mrs Broad), June Foyster (later Mrs Rayner), Glenys Wright, Bing Webb, Jean Haynes, Molly Punt, -?-, Gloria Barrel, Janet Foyster (later Mrs Whybrow), Rosie Foyster, Graham Webb, John Bartholomew, Barry Keeble, Brian Bell, Roy Baxter, Ted Dersley, Margaret Glenwright. Front row (on ground): Michael North, -?-, Colin or Barry Webb, Ken Foyster, Bruce Garvey, Neville Wright, Brian Butcher, Richard North, Hugh or Graham Dibbens (in 2002 Hugh was vicar of Hornchurch), Richard Dersley, Bob Butcher. Note that these have been amended from the first edition of the book for the second, as follows: Back rows (standing): Daphne Shelley later Mrs Whybrow, to be ‘later Mrs Heddle’. Betty Pennick to be Pennock. Margaret Pennock to be Pennock. Ruth Dibbons to be Dibbens. Front row (on ground): Richard North to be Michael North. ? Dibbons to be Richard North. Hugh Dibbons to be ‘Hugh or Graham Dibbens’, and info about Hugh added.

Date takenMay 1945
SourceAngela Dersley
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