Old Photos of Witham

Said to be Shelley family at Smallands Hall farm Also see M2421

Taken: 1930-1934, Ref: M2419

Said to be Shelley family at Smallands Hall farm. Probably a more likely place than Guithavon Valley, given for same pic at M2421.They went there in 1930. On the horse on the left is George, and on the horse on the right is Arthur. Girl front left is Rose Shelley (later Mrs Burch), and toddler further right is Joyce. Their father Albert Wayland Shelley is behind Joyce. The other two were Shepherd cousins from Woodford who came to help in the summer.

Date taken1930-1934
SourceBurch, Rose, 
6 Prospect Court, Braintree. Daughter of Albert and Edith Shelley.
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