Old Photos of Witham

Scouts singing at Felixstowe

Taken: August 1936, Source: Joslin, Cecil, Cerine, Braintree Road., Ref: M2103

Witham scouts at Felixstowe. Singing to the accordion. Left to right, (1) Ted Reed, went north after War, one of four brothers including Arthur (eldest, who in Black Watch, POW in Germany), and George (in Scots Guards, went to Norway, escaped, policeman after, married London girl, was good at painting), (2) — Frost of Silver End, joined Metropolitan Police, died of chill after training, scouts went to funeral at Maldon, parents Manor Road later, crane driver in works. Had two sisters, one married London boy in fire service, (3) Pen Quantrill, electrician, Silver End, saved fire in factory, with electric wires, in Navy, to Australia afterwards and died there not long after, (4) front, with accordion, Basil Quantrill, Silver End, could play any instrument, went Nether Hall music college in Twickenham, in Second World War was in Royal Marine band, killed aged 20 when HMS Gloucester bombed in harbour, 22 May 1941 during WW2 (father Leonard in subs in WW1; mother was Rose), (5) behind 4, Sam Hawkes, Cressing Road, (6) front, hat crooked, Cecil Joslin, (7) behind 6, Johnnie Glass, Braintree Road, father played big drum in Witham Town Band, (8) front, no hat, Ernie (Son) Smith, (9) a bit behind, ??? from Tiptree, (10) only half showing, ???.

Date takenAugust 1936
SourceJoslin, Cecil, Cerine, Braintree Road.
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