Photos of Witham

Several views in colour

Taken: 1950 to 1963, Source: Martyn Drake, Ref: M1347

For various reasons, this picture cannot be shown here. But it is displayed as number W119017 on Frith’s website,

Several views in colour). Top left, centre of Newland Street, with, left to right, White Hart, 39 Newland Street, 41 Newland Street, 43 Newland Street, 45 Newland Street, 47 Newland Street (tall, brick), and Spread Eagle (49 Newland Street). Top right, Chipping Hill, with left to right, 30 Chipping Hill, 28 Chipping Hill, 26 Chipping Hill, parish church. Bottom left, All Saints church, Guithavon Street. Bottom right, Chipping Hill, with, left to right, 20 Chipping Hill (pink), 18 Chipping Hill and forge (white) (both on left hand side of road), 37 Chipping Hill (white-edged gable), 43 Chipping Hill, 45 Chipping Hill (both yellow), 51 Chipping Hill (behind telegraph pole), 53 Chipping Hill. Centre, centre of Newland Street, with, left to right, White Hart (black and white), 39 Newland Street (newspaper shop), 41 Newland Street (C H Gallant), 43 Newland Street (International Stores).

PublisherFrith. W119 017, formerly WIT 17
Date taken1950 to 1963
SourceMartyn Drake
Posted on Full size 3192 × 2056

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