Old Photos of Witham

Sewage farm house from the back

Taken: 1960-1990 approx, Source: Hammond, Cyril, Great Totham, Ref: M2939

The Sewage farm house, from the back. On the right are the coal hole and the WC or the wash house. Cyril Hammond. was born in the house in about 1929, being the grandson of Robert, and son of Harold Arthur, who were successive Sewage works foreman. Not long afterwards the family left the house where they had lived and worked for many years. Their services were no longer needed because the Sewage works had been automated. The house was In Blackwater Lane, immediately east of the Witham to Maldon railway line.

Date taken1960-1990 approx
SourceHammond, Cyril, Great Totham
Posted on Full size 1866 × 2317

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