Photos of Witham

The Alderton family, probably still in Suffolk

Taken: Aug 1914, Source: Alderton, Simon. Son of Winston, Ref: M1181

The Alderton family. The six standing at the back are, left to right, Beatie, Claude, Mirry, Stanley, Dolly and Russell. Standing front left is Doreen. Father, sitting, is Arthur Frederick William Alderton with Rene on his knee. Standing between father and mother is Alec. Mother, stting, is Lavinia Gertrude Alderton with Joan on her knee. Kneeling between father and mother is Winston. Sitting front right is Len. Ralph was not yet born and Lorna had died. The family later came to Witham as shopkeepers.

Date takenAug 1914
SourceAlderton, Simon. Son of Winston
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