Old Photos of Witham

The Moles family outside their house

Taken: 1890-1910, Ref: M2198

Mrs Moles and her children; she was sister of Charlotte Smith, Charles’ Smith’s mother (the latter was born 1865 and in this picture Mrs Moles is quite young, and in Victorian dress, so perhaps about 1900?). Outside a terrace house which has the number 27 on it. Written in the back is ‘Will all good wishes for the coming season to all from us all’, and then in a different hand, the same as used for information on the other Smith photos, is ‘Charles’ mother’s sister’.

Date taken1890-1910
SourceThompson, Ken. 40 Guithavon Road, Witham, CM8 1HD His mother and Charles Smith's wife Ann were sisters (born Skingsleys). It was probably after Ada Smith died that he was given the photos.
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