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The Resbury family

Taken: 1901, Source: Long, Mary, Ref: M1726

The Resbury family. At the back of the house of Henry R Resbury and his wife Sarah in Bridge Street, who are the older couple sitting in the middle. Probably taken at their Golden Wedding in 1901. At about 77-81 Bridge Street. See photo M1707 for the front M66, and M 622/M1714 for another view of the back of the house with leaves on the creeper. Probably Henry (1827-1907) helped his father Thomas in the chimney sweep’s business in Bridge Street, but was also a skinner at the tan yard in Mill Lane. Sarah (1824-1909) was a laundress. Photo possibly taken in 1901 which was their Golden Wedding. Back row, left to right, ???, ??? (possibly William Rice, husband of Emma, nee Resbury), Henry (Harry) Resbury (short, born 1856, son of Henry and Sarah), ??? (possibly Harry’s son Harry James aged 15 who was killed in First World War), ??? (perhaps Agnes, daughter born 1858), Charles Hubbard (tall, husband of Sarah, nee Resbury). Three younger girls in front of Charles, probably daughters of William and Emma Rice (Clara age 15, Winnie age 13, Elsie age 10). Front row, left to right, ??? (perhaps Clara, daughter born 1859), Emma Rice, (nee Resbury, born 1861, with youngest daughter on lap, Connie aged 11 months), Sarah Hubbard (nee Resbury, daughter born 1853), Henry Resbury senior (born 1827), Sarah Resbury his wife (nee Cole, born 1824). Alice (daughter born 1852), ???. Three children sitting could be children of Harry and Kezia. Unidentified people probably include Kezia. Probably two of Henry and Sarah’s children were not present, i.e. Jenny, married to Herbert Saville, may have gone to Australia by then, and William and his wife Annie who lived near Cambridge.

Date taken1901
SourceLong, Mary
RestrictionsSent on CD. Her reference: Resbury Family.JPG
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