Old Photos of Witham

The staff of Messrs Taber and Cullen, seed merchants

Taken: 1895-1897 approx., Ref: M2988

I started to identify this photo from George Taber’s beard, and the seed sacks Then I found that the same photo, with all the details, appears in the late Elinor Roper’s book, “Seedtime”. So the following details are quoted from her, with grateful thanks.

“Messrs Taber and Cullen’s staff at Matchyn’s, Rivenhall, just before the business moved to Avenue Road, c..1887.

Back row, left to right: Unknown, “Pug” Ager, Walter Taber, Arthur Mann.

Next to back row (standing): Alfred Springett, Albert Wallis, George Taber (with beard), Thomas Cullen, William Rushen, ‘Bubbly’ Cook, Charlie Ager.

Seated men, near front: Tom Gurton, Alfred Gooch, Charlie Tuff, —- Avey.

Seated boys: —- Rushen, Tom Ager, Unknown”.

Date taken1895-1897 approx.
SourceTaylor, Cyril
2 Henry Dixon Road, Rivenhall, Witham, CM8 3HR
Posted on Full size 2560 × 1799

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