Old Photos of Witham

The top of Newland Street, looking east

Taken: 1916, Source: John Newman, 35 The Avenue, Witham, 
CM8 2DT, Ref: M2743

The top end of Newland Street. Entitled “High Street (1), Witham”. Shows on the left side of road, left to right, 30 Newland Street, 28 Newland Street (these two covered in foliage), 26 Newland Street, 24 Newland Street, 22 Newland Street (the latter with the cross on mentioned in the message), Whitehall (18 Newland Street), trees at the bottom of the Avenue. 

On the right-hand side of road, left to right, are Freebornes (3 Newland Street), and High House (5 Newland Street, with a wall on either side and a small building joined on to the left). It has three storeys in the photo (now it has two). 

The rings on poles are 10 mph signs. Postmark 21 June 1919. Addressed to Miss Margaret Vaux, The Mill House, Ardleigh, near Colchester. Message reads ‘Chantry Cottage [now 22 Newland Street), Witham. June 21st 1919. Dearest Margaret. Thank you for your letter. My train leaves Witham on Monday morning at 10.34. I shall arrive at Ardleigh at 11.14. I am longing to see you – & I shall be delighted to find you on the platform to meet me when my train comes in at Ardleigh Station.’

‘The little house with the x on it is Aunt Susie’s house & the 2 windows under the x are the windows in my bed room. Love to you all, Mummy’. Aunt Susie was Miss Susannah Vaux, an experienced nurse, born in India, who did many good works in Witham. Her house was 22 Newland Street (she went there c 1914).

PublisherBernard C Afford, printer, Witham
Date taken1916
SourceJohn Newman, 35 The Avenue, Witham, 
Posted on Full size 2560 × 1663

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